• Raising the Barn / Back to the Kindergarten - Episode Discussion/Streams

    It's finally here, the episode everyone was waiting for! Yup, it's the My Little Pony crossover episode! Also known as the reason this hiatus lasted so long. Hasbro dragged their feet. It's ok though, because the end result will totally be worth it!

    In today's adventure, Peridot accidentally causes the warp pad to malfunction, creating a link to Equestria and blowing up the barn in the process. Steven goes through into Equestria to find help, and he returns with the most helpinest pony of all, Applejack! Thankfully, she stays a pony this time and doesn't turn into a strange human thing. And then she helps them build the barn again.

    But wait, how did Steven find Applejack in the first place? Well that's the subject of the followup episode, Back to the Kindergarten! This episode details Steven's trip. He warps into the middle of Ponyville as a pony and swiftly encounters Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Cheerilee. They invite Steven to the kindergarten so he can learn about Pony culture. Oddly enough, everything mentioned in Cheerilee's lesson is available as a playset. Hasbro insisted. Anyway he meets Apple Bloom there and she tells him to take Applejack back to Earth with him.

    In the end, Peridot, Lapis, and Pumpkin get a brand shiny new barn, Steven gets a newfound appreciation for the wonders of the multiverse, and Applejack gets a DVD copy of Camp Pining Hearts to take home. Hopefully Equestria can handle the teenage drama!

    Brace yourself for incoming horse at 7 PM ET/PT on Cartoon Network actually yeah they came out yesterday with everything else on the Cartoon Network website and app. But we still have links for you after the break.

    And please limit your discussion to Raising the Barn and Back to the Kindergarten. We'll get to the Sadie and Kevin episodes tomorrow!

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