• Creator Rebecca Sugar on What Drives the Show's Music

    Since the new album is out, everybody wants to know what the process is for creating the music for the show. Hey, maybe all this rad publicity will bring in some new SU fans! So go on and snag some more incite about how Sugar gets inspired to write her songs. Turns out she just does them a lot while she's out doing regular life stuff. So hey, if you want to write or be creative, just do it, wherever you are! Sugar does!

    The story always comes first. Actually, the feeling comes first. Sometimes I’ll be thinking of a song in the back of my mind that I want to write that is related to this feeling of a type of story that I’d like to write. Oftentimes we’ll make an episode and build the story around that feeling I want to convey. And that will often dovetail with the kind of song I want to write.

    'Steven Universe' creator Rebecca Sugar on what drives the show's music

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