• Zach Callison Talks Growing Up With ‘Steven Universe’

    When Steven Universe started, the voice actor for the main character was a teenager. Now 20, he's grown up while playing the character, in the same way that Steven himself has grown. Check out the sweet article below, which has an interview with Zach and what it's been like to be on the show!

    No role that I’ve ever played has had to evolve like Steven. As I mentioned, we’ve really grown up alongside each other in more ways than one. Playing Steven has been an incredible education for me as an actor, specifically when it comes to playing a “voice” versus being a character. I learned over the course of our first few records that there had to be a lot more to Steven than a crazy cartoon voice in order to do the writing justice. That lesson has spilled over into my on-camera acting, as well.

    Cartoon Network Voice Star Zach Callison Talks Growing Up With ‘Steven Universe’

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