• Episode Followup: Lars of the Stars

    What's up BCB?! It's MY episode! Finally! Emerald comes to the series!

     Nice shot of the temple. Great way to start the episode!


     Look at this adorable excited Steven!

     Two kids, ready for a space adventure!

    Connie is ready for adventure! At least she looks prepared. Steven always heads off with just the clothes on his back. Honestly Steven, you really need her.

     Can't let a cute cat distract from the mission!

    There they go! Hey, how come they didn't offer to let Lars parents come visit him? Or Sadie? Is it because Steven didn't think it'd be safe?

    I don't think Lars was expecting them.

    Steven PLEASE what is in the chest! Connie has a sword! Just bust it open! I'd say ask the gems but they never tell you anything!


     Oh heck yeah! Look at him! Lars is in charge! Taking control!

    Everybody's all working together! Aww!

     "We're about to be discovered - by Emerald!"

     Connie has Diamonds in her eyes? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

     Wow, I guess dying really made Lars a lot bolder. Probably because he's undead now and doesn't even need to eat and could probably survive a lot of bodily harm, assuming he didn't just heal immediately.

    Leisurely Fusion Of Six.

     Look at him! Got a spiffy new outfit and blazing across the galaxy!

    These intro cards are super cute!


    I love everything about her. Her voice. Her look. Her gem placement. Her fangs.

    Aww, a star crossed fusion!

     Move over Peridot! Emerald's got some heavily expressive features!

    Those fangs! Little sharp teeth!

      I hope you were ready for a post half full of screenshots of Emerald.

     Lars, you took her baby!

    Momma just wants her favorite ship back!


     "I'll get you!"

     She has such a great face!


    Lauren Zuke was responsible for a lot of expressive Peridot faces, so this is probably her work as well.


    Lars is really into this whole captain thing.

    She's mad now!

     Bingo Bongo! The catchphrase known and despised across the galaxy!

     She looks like a cat yawning!

    Lars? Letting Steven hug him?

     "Get off me, man!" Character development.

    Lars may be a better person, but he's not afraid to steal from the rich!

     How much are kids on Earth going to love meeting Fluorite?

    Connie is so hyped for this mission, it's obvious!

    They are a really great crew.

    Lars isn't being a jerk and trying to take all the credit! He really has grown!

    Huh, so Lars is what allowed the Off Colors to leave Homeworld, because they couldn't sneak around with all the high tech scanners around. So high tech they can't even detect humans!

     I lost it at, "Her name is Connie."

    Hey Lars, your parents still love and are thinking about you, you know?

    I wonder where he got that ENTIRE outfit, since gems are made of light and all and don't wear actual clothes.

    Lars' parents knows what he's about and they're supportive!

    The Rutile Twins are excited for Earth! It also sounds like they may have no idea what sand and water is.

    Oh, are you thinking about Sadie now?

    Sadie's doing great and she's moved on, Lars.

    At least she finally made some friends outside of work.

    Oblivious to how upset Lars is becoming.

     At least the ship is thorough in letting riders know that something is wrong.

    Lars get off Instagram!

     Whoa hey a new image of Sadie???

    Lars please Rhodonite is freaking out!

     Like really.

     Hey maybe she's having a good time because you were frequently a jerk to her?

    Yeah actually she's pretty aware of the whole death thing and is probably having a little PTSD right now, especially with Steven gallivanting around Beach City and not trying to rescue you, Lars.

    She's pretty much the only Beach City citizen who seemed worried.

    Connie, unfortunately jumping into action won't make you captain.

    Lars please she needs help, snap out of it!

     Lars, the cool kids are like the only other people your and Sadie's age in the whole town, who else do you expect her to hang out with? Steven?

     Connie about to drop down some hard truths!

    Seems like Lars still needs to learn that the world doesn't always revolved around him.

    Steven and Connie make a pretty good pep talk team.

     Connie may have had trouble getting through to Steven in the past, but Lars catches on quicker.



    Get a little distracted there, Lars?

    Ooooo new ship!

     It's okay Stevonnie, I wouldn't look away from Emerald either.

     Look out for the Destiny Destroyer!


     IT'S HER!


     What's like, on her forehead? Is it a decoration? Some kind of eyebrows?

    Yes there are more photos of Emerald ahead.

     Pretty gutsy movie, challenging Emerald to just blow you up.

     She's irresistible!
    Hey Lars, what the heck?!

     The skull gauges really complete the outfit.

     That doesn't look like a direct hit...

     Still got a little bit shook up though.

    Interesting that Padparadscha throws in the detail that Emerald would miss on purpose. None of the other gems seemed to be aware. I have a suspicion that Padparadscha will come in handy when discovering how Pink Diamond was shattered. After all, she has the power to see into the past.

    Look at him! Taking charge and showing no fear!



    Lars please don't laugh in her face like that. :(


    Emerald does care! You've fought out her secret!

    Hey it's the fastest ship she has Lars, of course she loves it!

    Getting some strong Anime vibes with this episode.

    I love her.

    So much hair!

    Lil tongue blep.

    Yeah there's another picture of Emerald, what do you want from me?

    Lars is just going to wait and let her monologue.

    I mean, I'd let her keep talking as long as she wanted.

    Hey Lars you might not be dead but what's the plan now?

    Stevonnie jumping into action???

    Still impressed with how brave Steven and Connie are?

    There they go!

    Off to save the ship.

    Nice interior design, Lars.

    Padparadscha, always with the perfect timing.

    Wow, Lars built a ship all on his own? That's actually pretty impressive.

    Target Acquired, or as we say in space, Bingo Bongo!

    These warnings are great! XD

    Stevonnie is hecking dead.

    Wow I can't believe the Crewniverse decided to kill off Stevonnie. Such a bold move. And leaving that at a cliff hanger.

    Join us tomorrow for the Jungle Moon followup!

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