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    Hey, new episodes! Ones that weren't pre-released on the Cartoon Network app! 2018's starting off with a bang, folks. Lars of the Stars was teased at SDCC back in July, so I'll bet a lot of you know the episode summary by now. I'll recap it just in case.

    We start off with the Crystal Gems finally coming to rescue Lars and the Off-Colors from the clutches of Homeworld! That only takes the first minute of the episode, though. The next minute or so is Lars' tearful reunion with Sadie, which is cut short when she realizes that now that he's a for-real zombie, he could become the next famous horror movie star! So off to Hollywood he goes! And now that Sadie's quit her job, she can go with him. Steven rides along too, since it's his show and all.

    This episode is going to be a blast. Rumor has it that several Hollywood horror icons will be making guest appearances, culminating in an appearance by the late Vincent Price as voiced by Maurice LaMarche!

    But on their way back, Steven and Sadie take a detour through Lars' head to avoid having to pay for airfare. Unfortunately, they take a wrong turn on the way back to Lion. Turns out Lion wasn't the only creature Rose brought back to life! Steven and Sadie emerge in the middle of a rainforest at night, poking out of the fur of a massive pink Megatherium! Unfortunately, the beast gets spooked and runs away. Now Steven and Sadie are stranded in the Amazon with no way out! Well ok, there's probably a warp pad around there somewhere. Can they find it by the light of the Jungle Moon, or will the corrupted gems that lurk in the forest find them first?

    Lars's big movie debut premieres at 7:30 PM ET/PT on Cartoon Network! If you can't find a TV because you're lost in the jungle, don't worry! We've got streams and downloads after the break.

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