• Will Jasper Return to Steven Universe?

    A lot of us definitely miss that big bundle of quartz (and we miss a lot of the fusions too. And Bismuth.), so when will she be back? Well, we recently saw Kimberly Brooks, voice of Jasper, at the studio, which could only mean the return of Jasper or the reappearance of Skinny Jasper and Carnelian, so something is definitely happening. Of course, episodes take about 8 months to make, so it could still be awhile. But do you think she'll show up at all in the upcoming episodes? Den of Geek thinks it could happen!

    New episodes of Steven Universe Season 5 are dropping on Cartoon Network’s app March 26th and they appear to be focusing on the history of Pink Diamond. If they include any flashbacks that could mean Jasper might return in some form. Since Jasper was originally created for Pink Diamond we could see her come to life.

    Will Jasper Return to Steven Universe?

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