• Episode Followup: Your Mother and Mine

    It finally aired on TV yesterday so now we can begin our followups!

    All right, Lars is still in space!

    "Space is really big." Very wise, captain.

    Why should they be writing it down? Aren't captains logs like, recorded? Or the captain rights it down himself?

    Lars, you knew they were off colors and not all put together before you took them on as your crew.

    Cripes that looks like it hurt. Steven, send a note and warn people first!

    Steven: Brings food to a party where nobody eats.

    I can only assume that after Lars grabbed that sub that he shoved it back in his hair because it completely disappears after this scene.

    They're finally going back to Earth?!

    Ehhhh....... nope.

    Speaking of meeting people, has Sadie come to visit yet, like, at all?

    How big of an object CAN Steven transport through the magic hair? Also, is his hair immortally stuck in that style since he's like, undead?

    Okay but does that hurt???

    That face when CN airs "new" weekly episodes but they've all been released on the app already.



    What happened to Lars' nose?

    Do you think the off colors can shapeshift?

    ANOTHER STEVEN?! Is this going to be one of those 'there are other half human gem hybrid' fanfics?

    I guess Lars would never have seen the gems playing Steven tag.

    Yeah that's right, it's Garnet in the house!

    Gosh, look at her fangirling!

    She wants to be best buds with the other perma-fusion, of course!

    Honestly I would love to know the ruby and pearl fusion origin story that made Rhodonite too!

    I bet Rose Quartz would have been this excited to meet new different gems too! :D

    But the Rutile twins don't look as excited to meet Garnet...

    You big beautiful fusion you!

    Thanks for speaking what was on everyone's mind, Padparadscha.

    When your friends don't know how to take a compliment.

    Aww, even among her own kind Rhodonite is ashamed! D:


    An organic beast? Wait, what?

    Dang, Homeworld reduced Rose to not even ever existing? That's a pretty big cover up. What did they do, say Pink Diamond never existed either? How did they explain the shattering?

    Thanks for hopping into the conversation, Padparadscha. Your comedic timing is impeccable.

    The story of the REAL Rose Quartz?!

    Lore??? Answers???

    Aww, even the little moon was included!

    Hm, not all those gems look quite like quartzes. Whatever kind of gem they are, they aren't uniform, which seems contrary to Homeworld's standards.

    This is some really cool imagery for the story.

    Cue "Something There".

     So basically ya girl RQ just wanted to party.

    On the next episode of...

    Giorgio Tsoukalos was right!

    Hey did you know that we're literally murdering an entire planet?

    Hey that Rose Quartz be acting cray!

    So, how accurate do you think this story is and how much do you think is just what Garnet was told? After all, she wasn't there.

    I just want to take a moment to draw attention to that really cool background.

    Steven Universe is my favorite Anime. Also that is a very strange exactly matching color contrast between Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz.

    "A wicked, empty sound."

    Honestly with how insolent Rose was being I'm surprised Pink didn't just order her to be shattered.

    Boom Get Out Da Way!


    "So, like a coward child, she called for her Diamond allies moms, Yellow and Blue, to help."

     It's interesting to consider that gems may not have joined Rose to save Earth, but merely to live freely how they wanted. Did anyone else feel as strongly about the actual Earth as Rose Quartz did?

    "A Pearl who belong to no one!" *SLAMS FIST!* She belong to SOMEONE Garnet! Just reveal it already!

    Bismuth, the only other Crystal Gem we actually know of besides the three main characters.

    Aww look at that heart!

    And also a bunch of other gems we've never met except for in their corrupted forms but who we won't show uncorrupted right now.

    "To live for ourselves on Earth." Ah, so Garnet does confirm that some gems were fighting for their own freedom and not just for the organic life forms.

    Yes, gems like you, fighting for their freedom, but also the Earth got saved too which apparently nobody else really cared about but Rose.

    Has anyone figured out if there is any rhyme or reason to gem language/letters? 

    Huh, looks kind of like the Sky Arena.

    Looks like we have a little more information on the timeline of the war. It sounds like it was already well under way before Pink was shattered. 

    She shattered her with a sword that Bismuth said couldn't shatter gems.


    So did we not see the blade go through the gem because it would have been too traumatic or because that's not what actually happened?

    That's right, Rose won! And she was real!

    "WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MY MOM? I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO KNOW MY MOM!" Remember that time Lars called Steven's mom weird? Now 127 episodes later, he admires her. Character development.

    White Diamond has more neck than Yellow Diamond.

    Well, White definitely seems bigger than the others, and she has some nice nails on that hand.

    That shield is really powerful. 

    Also this scene is kind of a parallel to when Steven saved the gems on the Beach in The Return.

     So yeah the Diamonds tried to wipe out everybody on Earth including their own.

    She rebelled and was great but kind of lost, yeah.

    There are a lot more expressions you can do when you have four eyes.

    And even more you can do with four arms!

    I bet this was really fun to storyboard and animate.

    Exasperation and confusion all at the same time!

    "They're the ones that are running from the truth!" I guess if they're lying to gems that Rose was defeated or doesn't even exist, they are trying to deny the truth.

    Garnet is super inspiring!

    Go Garnet! 

    There's Steven with the positivity!

    We are pretty great, aren't we?

    There's the captain Lars we all know and love! 

    Having some more thoughts about who your mom really was, huh Steven?

    So far, Steven has only seen through the eyes of those who are alive. He was even able to communicate with the cluster, despite them being made of shards.

    "She's gone, Steven."
    "But I felt such a strong connection."

    "You have empathetic powers." Yeah Garnet, he does. And I'm pretty sure those powers can't be felt for someone who isn't alive.

    "It's not something to fear. It's something to celebrate." And maybe also something that you should investigate and that Steven should listen to his instincts about!

    There goes Padparadscha saving the day again!

    What are you afraid of? You all fought Emerald and won! Haven't you done a bunch of raids on other Diamond owned planets? 

    Go get 'em Lars!

    I knew I'd seen that pose before.

    If you got it, flaunt it.

    That's all folks! They're still in space! We still don't know who owned Pearl! We don't know if Pink Diamond is really alive! We didn't get answers! See you for next week's followup!

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