• New Leaked Trailer For New Episodes!

    As predicted, here's the uploaded trailer, with translations!

    Steven: When Connie and I where on the jungle moon, we saw something, a vision, of a Pink Diamond
    Voice (prob Blue D): The colony will be done as long as you are there to rule
    Eyeball: I saw Rose Quartz, leader of the Crystal Gems, shatter Pink Diamond
    Steven: When Blue Diamond came to earth, I had a dream where I was her and I cried her tears…
    Blue D: Prove them that this little inconvenience doesn’t affect you
    Zircon: So, how did a Rose Quartz that couldn’t get nearby Pink Diamond could have gotten so close to her?
    Steven: If I am having the same dreams about Pink Diamond, what if that means that she is still out there?
    Voice: This Rose Quartz cannot hurt you
    Pearl: There’s some things that I cannot tell you
    Lars: *I didn’t understand, sorry*
    Steven: I…. I don’t know
    Garnet: everyone looks at me asking for answers, I cannot handle it
    Garnet: Come closer, let me tell you guys the real story about Rose Quartz
    Pearl: I wanted to tell you a long time ago….
    Mayor Dewey: And then I’ll go out! OoOoOoh!

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