• Now We're Only Falling Apart - Episode Discussion/Streams

    Get excited, Get hype! Get ready, 'cause Steven Universe comes roaring back tonight! We've got a full week ahead of us, and it starts off strong with a guest appearance by Bonnie Tyler! Well alright, that wasn't strictly announced, but they named the episode after her greatest hit, so she must be! Joan Jett guested just a few scant episodes ago, so it's not outside the realm of possibility. But who will she play? Well, a quick listen to her lovely voice tells us she's got a Welsh accent. What characters usually have prominent accents? Fusions and Diamonds.

    That's right, you know where I'm going with this. Bonnie Tyler must be going to play White Diamond!

    The world starts tonight at 7:30 ET/PT on Cartoon Network! If you have a heartache and can't tune in, don't worry! We have streams and downloads after the break.

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