• SU Creator Has Done More for LGBTQ Than You Might Know

    Time for another fabulous interview with show creator Rebecca Sugar! She speaks out about the challenges of creating LGBTQ characters, and the obstacles that she has faced. Steven Universe could have gotten canned, but Sugar stayed true to her values, and in the end, we got a lesbian wedding on daytime children's television! SU is groundbreaking, and it's all thanks to its strong willed creator. Get a glimpse at the interview below, and then hit up the link for the full article. Don't sleep on this one!

    There was a point at which it was brought to my attention that the studio… I was brought up to a meeting where they [the studio] said, “We know that you’re doing this, and we support that you’re doing this… We don’t want to be giving notes on this, but we have to give notes on this” and it was all very difficult to navigate. Ultimately, I said, “If this is going to cost me my show that’s fine because this is a huge injustice and I need to be able to represent myself and my team through this show and anything less would be unfair to my audience.” This was around 2016 and that’s when I began to speak openly about what we were doing.

    SU Creator Has Done More for LGBTQ Than You Might Know

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