• Zach Callison’s A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak

    Some of the Crewniverse keep especially busy during the hiatus! Zach Callison, voice of starring character Steven, has been touring the country and promoting his new album! There's a neat article below, so hit up that link and see what all the hype is about! There's even a little excerpt for all of you.

    His EP, The Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak – really the score for a Broadway musical –  is filled with theatrical passion, anger, love, and most of all, musical language that burns like a comet as it streaks through your auditory nerves. Callison, a young man who started performing at 7 years old, played in bands and sang solo in his teens, gave voice to Cartoon’s Network’s multilevel animated series Steven Universe, is flirting with genius with this debut EP.  It has all the earmarks of lasting art, of a powerful new take on what we expect from singers and songwriters  He brings us a story as fresh as Steven Universe and as powerful as Hamlet.

    Zach Callison’s A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak: a debut album flirts with genius

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