• Episode Followup: Familiar

    Little Ursa here and we finally got a gift from Cartoon Network last night, a brand new episode of Steven Universe that wasn't previewed at San Diego Comic-Con! A nice little early Xmas gift, if I say so. But as with all new episodes, we have a lot to unpack! Let's take a look at the newest episode in the batch called 'Diamond Days'!

    Wait a minute. Let's look at the storyboarders for a second. Amber and Hilary are to be expected, but we got some guests this time around. Tom Herpich (storyboarder for Adventure Time and Over The Garden Wall) and Pendleton Ward (the creator of Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors) join to help Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse to make this episode. It actually makes sense given what happens in this episode.

    "Must be Pink's room?"

    Well, one thing is for sure, Pink Diamond's room is pretty crazy spacious and, well, pink. To be fair, it is kind of expected.

    What in the....? Small gems? Why is it that every time we get a new episode of Steven Universe, we get fair more questions than answers in the first few seconds?

    "Hey! Who the heck are you little guys?"

    So many of these little things. So adorable, but so many questions.

    "Thank you?"
    "It is her!"

    This is one of two things: either this is the power of manners or Pink Diamond was the only one who ever used please and thank you on Homeworld.

    "Our diamond! Pink!"

    Quite a welcome committee with these little gems. Also, I don't know who that little dude in Steven's pocket is, but I like their style.

    This is why we love Steven. He's a friend to all living things, great and small, and we can't help but love him just as much.

    But just as quickly as those little gems appeared, they vanished just as fast when Pearl arrived....


    "What did White Diamond do? Did she hurt you?

    ....and activated "Bird Mom" mode.

    "I'm only here because I'm bringing your things....and they consider me one of your things."

    And her sass. Seems Pearl isn't thrilled to be back on Homeworld.

    Looks like Steven has a long day ahead of him now that Yellow Diamond has requested his presence.

    "Swim trunks don't feel really formal...."

    I know this might be the wrong thing to ask at a time like this, but why did Steven bring his swim trunks into space? I mean, why not a towel?

    Wait a minute, the walls in the Diamond's palace are alive? I mean, I get that they are gems, but they are still alive? And they gossip?

    But it seems they do know how to behave when in the presence of a diamond. Or a Steven, in this case.

    Oh, how I hope those are the same two Topaz gems that went to Earth and had a heart-to-heart with Steven and Lars. Man, that feels like a lifetime ago, doesn't it?

    "Pink Diamond."
    "Please, call me Steven."
    "Pink Steven."

    "No, just Steven."
    "Just Steven."
    "Cal me....'lasagna'...."
    "Steven, stop, you're going to break her."
    No, Steven, keep going. This is great. It's like a classic Abbott and Costello bit. And I want to see what happens if Yellow Pearl breaks.

    "Have a good extraction, Pink Lasagna."
    And just like that, I want lasagna. Maybe not pink lasagna, but nevertheless.

    This is the nicest greeting we've ever seen Yellow Diamond give. It's a Christmas miracle.

    "So you met with White, how was it?"

    Well, the swim trunks make more sense now, but I still don't get why Homeworld would need a sauna. Unless, they use it for decontamination purposes when visiting off planet?

    "All I got to say was 'hi' and 'um' and 'I'."
    "Two and a half words, that's a record!"
    So she does have an emotion other than anger, it's sass. Must be a gem thing.

    "Two and a half words isn't enough! I still need to talk to White about healing all of the corrupted gems!"
    This is why Steven is great: he never loses sight on what he wants to do, and it's always to help others.

    "Hm, good luck. White never leaves her own head these days, and she never lets anyone in."
    This raises so many new questions about White Diamond. Like, we get that she's probably focused on numerous things, but why doesn't she talk to anyone?

    Okay, this is a minor thing, but this makes me wonder something; did the steam come from the diamond symbol? And on that, why? Man, just leave it to Rebecca Sugar to build a world and make us want to know every small detail.

    Also, Yellow Diamond said something that struck me: "You always had a knack for making me laugh." Hmm....

    "Pink Diamond, my Diamond has requested your presence."
    Oh Blue Pearl, easily an underrated character. So happy we get her back with screen time.

    "I get that they're busy cause they're dictators and everything, but I need more time."
    Something about this line is too beautiful.

    "My Diamond is awaiting your arrival."

    Hold up. Just like the architecture outside of the Yellow Diamond's sauna, the archway outside of Blue Diamond's room looks real familiar. Like Rebecca Sugar's early artwork (do check out her early work, you can buy a zine of it from Youth In Decline).

    And again, the walls are alive. They are living gems just like before.

    "Welcome back."
    So soft spoken, but Blue Pearl is always so memorable. Man, I missed her.

    Blue Diamond's room is understandably water based.

    This also isn't the first time that Lisa Hannigan was in water and enjoyed music.

    No matter what happens to Steven, he's still a little kid who loves to act like that. And to be fair, I would also do a cannonball.

    "You haven't changed....so silly....so small."
    Seems like that's what Blue Diamond loved about Pink Diamond.

    "I'm so glad you're back....Steven."
    "Y-You actually said my name!"
    Hey, looks like Blue Diamond understands that Steven is Steven!

    "Such a funny sounding name. You're so creative, Pink."
    Ooh....maybe not.

    "We had such fun together. You, and I, and Yellow, and White...."
    Wait, the Diamonds hung out together?

    "We stopped coming here after you left."
    Perhaps that's why Blue Diamond keeps coming back to this place? To remember Pink in her own way?

    "We should spend more time together."
    Again with Steven thinking of others and putting them first. This boy's a ray of sunshine.

    So Blue Diamond leaves and it drains down the symbol? Again with Rebecca making a crazy world for us to learn about.

    "Water got up my nose." "Oh dear."
    Pearl has something in her pearl for every occasion, doesn't she?

    "Was this some sort of spa day or something?"
    Steven does raise a good question, cause they were just sort of massages and face masks for a pampered treatment. Also, say what you will about Homeworld, but Pink Diamond's room does have a pretty stellar view.

    "Before her colony, Pink used to throw massive balls."
    So, we're just done with phrasing?

    "I wonder what has become of Pink's court."

    So Pink Diamond would throw parties for not only the Diamonds but all of the gems and their courts? Wow, we are finally get some answers about Pink Diamond. After countless episodes, we are finally getting some answers.

    Those little gems definitely know how to help out when called upon.

    That dude that took Steven's phone certainly has some cool style, that's for sure.

    "Am I just supposed to be Pink Diamond now? Hey Pebbles, can you help me?"
    We got a name for those little guys now, and I do love it too. They are called Pebbles and they are quite precious.

    "Familiar./Why is this so familiar?/Familiar/Like something I used to know."

    And now I want to make one for my Steven cosplay.

    Just as we want to know more about their home, looks like the Pebbles want to learn more about where Steven comes from.

    "I sway them with a joke or with a song/And maybe that will help us get along."

    And it seems they know all about singing back up with Pink, I mean, Steven.

    "Familiar,/Why is this so familiar?"
    So there seems to be more to Pink's room then what we thought.

    "Familiar,/Like something I used to do."
    I think I found a new icon for message boards.

    Pink's powder room? Maybe we can get some clues about her?

    Okay, this is big. The Pebbles are made by Pink Diamond's tears. And that means Steven can make Pebbles as well (possibly by both tears and saliva with his healing spit). This, of course, raises soooo many more questions.

    "With more important places they should be...."

    Pink was quite the artist, it seems. And from what I can tell, White Diamond seemed to be a caring and loving individual (and Yellow was just as sour as ever).

    "....then hanging out with someone just like me."

    "Familiar,/That's why it's so familiar!/Familiar,/Like someone I used to be."
    Steven gets it. Pink Diamond was to the Diamonds as he is to the Crystal Gems. They were/are the glue that keeps them all together.

    "Familiar,/But this time I've had some practice,/In helping, a struggling family."

    I guess the Pebbles are taking a page from some mice from a certain Disney film.

    Again, a wonderful homage to an old school Disney film. I can't help but love the detail they went into this.

    "I'll show them all the error of their ways...."
    Great, now I want to cosplay this version of Steven.

    "....and stop their spread of terror across space!"
    Well that was a sudden turn in tone in the song.

    And just like how abrupt that song changed, it ended as soon as Pearl arrived.

    "Hi Pearl! I thought I'd dress up for the occasion!"
    That kid looks great in anything. He could wear green overalls and a teapot on his head and he'd rock it.

    "Well, you're not the only one with surprises!"
    She....She carried them in her gem. I understand that works and all, but that had to be one crazy trip. We already saw what it's like in there.

    Group hug! It always warms my heart to see them all hug.

    "Remember back when I was little, and maybe kind of annoying, and I couldn't come on adventures...."

    "....you guys would still drop everything to hang out with me! That's Pink Diamond!"

    "I'm gonna hold a huge ball...."

    "....and I'm gonna invite everyone!"

    Steven's got a plan and he's ready to help everyone! Things are going to get crazy and I can't wait for the next episode!

    And of course, I gotta ask all of you, did you think of this new episode?