• Episode Followup: Together Alone

    So you might be wondering, why is the followup a day late? Well, that happens sometimes when CN decides to air an episode on a holiday.

    Do you think we'll ever see all the ships form a giant mech?

    Hey there's those massive balls we heard about last episode!

    So she was Pink Diamond's Pearl. I guess that's one theory solved!

     I hope everyone who complained about Yellow Diamond's neck being too long is happy.

    I hope you're really happy. 

    Huh okay Steven puking out some Rose Quartz hair. This is fine. 

    Oh good, White is here too! 

    Love this kids show that just has occasional body horror type stuff. 

    This is like the third time what kind of symbolism is happening?! 

    Hey, at least Pearl can watch Steven sleep without it being weird this time. 

    Nice faceplant. 

     OH MY STARS there has not been a more adorable Connie moment in this series!

    Aw, home away from home!

    Look at Pink's tiny throne! 

    You may slap it. Once. 

    Yeeesssss we see them again!

    Look at that smug little face! 

     Party Pearls whoop whoop!

     Wait, why does this look familiar?


    Screw what is precedented and just be Steven! 

    No liquids. Only dry. 

    Steven you are stressing out this poor Pearl.

    She needs a vacation. 

     Can you believe all the Pearls except for White have the same voice actress?

    Steven is ready to par-tay! 

    "My thoughts are irrelevant."

    They're both so precious! 

    She looks like she just got zapped by Yellow Diamond. 

    Looks like Blue Pearl doesn't think her thoughts are irrelevant. 

    doigaohhgofaj She's so talented! 

    Hey you ever think that Blue Pearl would have to stare at you for awhile to get that good of a portrait? 

    What a showoff. 


    Blue Diamond everyone in the room can hear you being racist. 

    Okay yeah just separate Steven from his friends that seems reasonable. 

     She doing paw hands.

     Steven you're doing amazing sweetie.


    For being such an emotional gem Blue sure has trouble with empathy. 

    Garnet still wearing her wedding rings! 

     YEAH she has both of them on!

    Wh- What is this? Is that a gem? Is that more than one gem? 

    New gems! 

    They look kind of like cogs. Is that their purpose? How does Homeworld function?! 

    Limb enhancers! I guess she has to meet the height requirements but she doesn't have to wear a uniform.

     I love your party trick, Amethyst.

    Look at her go! 

    She's so good!

    Whaaaattt Garnet split up?! 

    Sparkle time! 

    Yo what? What is this? What's happening here? 

    I wonder if it's respectful to cry in Blue Diamond's presence even if she's not. 

    Bubble action! 

    Interesting that it's just one gem crying and nobody else? 

     You insulted Steven's form and all his friends but you just show up like everything's cool I guess.

    Someone please save her she is obviously not alright! 

    Oh okay I guess White's just not showing up then! 

    What is this bubble warp thing? Does anyone else possess it?

     What is Era 3 anyway? Era 2 already cut down on resources. Are gems going to get even smaller?

    Interesting choice of dance.

    Put a blanket over it she's scaring me!

    Amethyst was right, this dance is pretty dry. 

    Look at Connie being supportive and trying to cheer up her best friend! 

    Interesting that in "Alone Together" Steven was the one encouraging Connie to dance and here Connie is the one encouraging Steven to dance. Really cool parallels this episode.

     Oh snap!

    Stop! Fusion time! 

    I guess none of those sapphires saw this coming. 

    Oh she mad! 

    You uhhhh sure did fuse on Homeworld where that's super taboo. 

    Oh it's about to go down. 

     Amethyst looks so goofy with those limb enhancers. I wonder if she'll bring back a pair for Peridot?

    There's always at least one really good frame in every episode. 

     STOP! Garnet time.

    Yeah Pearl you go!


     IT'S HER! IT'S HER! IT'S REALLY HER! It has been 1089 days since we saw her. That's more than 2 years. But Happy New Year to all of us, she's back!


    OPAL NO! 


    This went well. 


    I guess since gems feed off light and this is a pitch black chamber it'd basically be like starvation for gems and this probably isn't the first time the Diamonds have put Pink in here and oh stars this has a lot of awful implications doesn't it- 

    Oh well that's all folks see you next week!

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