• Event Recap: After Hours: A Collection of Work by Jasmin Lai

    Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to attend the art show 'After Hours: A Collection of Work by Jasmin Lai', featuring the artwork from background artist Jasmin Lai. The art gallery will still be featured at Q Pop Shop in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo until April 14th. I highly recommend visiting if you are able, and possibly purchase one of her prints like I did.

    A small blurb about the gallery from the Q Pop Shop's website:

    "After Hours is a collection of work that illustrates the moments outside of your nine to five job, or whatever it is that you do for a living. In the ever-changing city of Los Angeles, there are so many moments during our busy lives that we wish we could encapsulate."

    Photos of the event are below, after the break.

    Waiting at the front door, waiting for the gallery to open.

    The star of the evening, Jasmin Lai.

    Various photos of the gallery during the show (taken with permission).

    Myself with Jasmin Lai after purchasing one of her prints.

    Q Pop is located in the historic Little Tokyo area of downtown Los Angeles at the following address:

    319 E 2nd Street
    Unit 121
    Los Angeles, CA 90012