• Little Ursa's 'Spoiler-Free' Review of Steven Universe: The Movie

    Yesterday, Cartoon Network aired the film we have all been waiting for: Steven Universe: The Movie. Five seasons of watching Steven grow-up, fight alongside the Crystal Gems, make new friends, and stop an intergalactic war have come to this. But what more could there be? Well, I will be touching upon this in my 'spoiler-free' review of the film!

    Disclaimer: With the trailers for the film being played almost on repeat for many Cartoon Network and Adult Swim viewers, I will be referring to such as and, as such, are not spoilers. Our new cast member, who has been shown already in art and animation, will not be referred to by name, as they were not called their name until the premiere.

    Right, with that out of the way, let's begin!

    But the real question is where to begin? Last we left Steven and company, he had brought the Diamonds to Earth, saved the corrupted gems, Lars and the Off-Colors have arrived home to Beach City, and every thing seemed to be wrapped up in a nice, little package. In fact, some were saying the series could end and they would be satisfied. Well, we are welcomed with Steven, two years later, still working to help gems across the cosmos. Everyone has grown a bit over the two years (including Steven's neck). Beach City has also grown with the addition of a new neighborhood called Little Homeworld were gems and humans work to making a future together. And everything seems bright and beautiful. Until we are welcomed by a new gem coming out of the sky with the sole goal of stopping Steven's happily ever after.

    I'll be good and not give much away concerning plot points, but what I will address is this film is just about everything we could ask for. Rebecca Sugar herself said it was a monumental task, but this viewer said she and the crew did a fabulous job. She had completely blew me out of the water with the obvious homages to different musicals. In fact, if I were to give a highlight to this film, it would be all the musical aspects of this film including, but certainly not limited to, the opening numbers (don't worry, I won't spoil them!).

    The story itself, is what you expect of Rebecca Sugar and the whole crew. Brillaint, real, releivant, funny, heart-breaking. Shortly after it airing on both coasts, I saw friends posting about it stating how much it affected them, saying it was something they could relate to. Again, I won't spoil anything, but what I can say is that I caught myself with a few tears rolling down my face at a few times.

    Honestly, it's hard not to talk about this film without spoiling anything. But nevertheless, I highly recommend this film. Not just for the Steven Universe fan, but everyone. The film is actually framed in a way for even new viewers can watch and enjoy.

    So, without spoiling anything, what did you think of the film?