• Nightly Discussion #29

    Only two more days until the Steven Bomb! Make sure to wash your security blanket and pick up some more chill pills. We're going to need it!

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  • Music: Steven Universe Piano Cover / Gems I Despise / Stronger Than You 1-Bit Cover / Theme Song Music Box Cover

    1.) Love Like You/The Ocean Returns/Ending Theme (Cover)
    2.) Gems I Despise (Original)
    3.) Stronger Than You (Cover)
    4.) Theme Song (Instrumental)

  • Drawing Things Out #23

    For anyone concerned about spoilers, we won't be posting any Sardonyx or other spoiler art in Drawing Things Out until the episode airs. So enjoy a spoiler free art post!

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  • Fan Theory: Why did Rose Quartz save the Earth?

    Was Rose Quartz really trying to save humans all along? Or did she have an entirely different reason for saving the Earth? Check out the theory after the break, and discuss for yourself in the comments!

  • One Month and 500k Later...

    Well gang, it has been one heck of a month! As some of you know, BCB has had a slightly difficult history back when it was first announced way back in March, but since launching the site has exceeded all my expectations and the future is very bright indeed. When I first came up with the idea for it a year ago in August and started talking to my friends about it I had no idea things would come this far.

    In just about a month we've cleared 500k pageviews, received just over 200 likes on Facebook, gained close to 200 followers on Twitter and have posted over 330 articles! That's an average of about 11 new posts a day give or take!

    When I first started the site I was afraid that I would run out of material to post after the first couple weeks as we played catch up, but I was wonderfully wrong! The SU fandom is incredibly productive and while some of the stuff we post is rough around the edges at times, I see great potential in fan creations going forward.

    So basically, what I'd like to say is thank you everyone for joining us on this new and wild ride! And a huge thank you to my amazing staff, I couldn't have gotten luckier and been more fortunate to meet and work with such an amazing group of people!

    Keep sending your stuff in folks! While comments may be slow on the site, the site is on an upward growth trend and once a community starts to establish itself here we'll really start to take off.

    For you stat nerds out there, check on after the break for a peek at some of our statistics for the month!

    -With Love,

    Calpain and the BCB Crew

  • Sardonyx Voice Actress Revealed! And Better Quality SDCC Extended Theme Song Clip!

    I'm not sure what image to put here since we can't put any spoilers before the break. Have the Crewniverse at SDCC! Sardony's VA confirmed below the break!

  • AMV: Peach Blossom

    This AMV is super cool! Someone put all clips of gems playing instruments to good use. Watch it after the break!

  • Animation: Steven Pigeon Universe

    This is just a preview of the hilarity waiting for you after the break!

  • Old Steven Universe Intro in 24 Languages!

    The SU intro is a catchy one and today we have something special for you: the intro song in 24 different languages!

    Which one is your favorite besides the English one you guys?

  • Comic: Thirst is Strong / Comfort / Can You Feel the Love Tonight / Ruby & Sapphire & Pearl & Garnet! / Deal with the Devil of Beach City /

    Thirsty Pearl edition comic post. Full view is just a click away!

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  • Story: For Him

    Relatable Pictures of Connie
    [Dark] [Sad]

    Author: Khyron42
    Description: Garnet first saw Connie reading on the beach as Steven struggled to impress the young girl. But she had also seen her once before, long ago... A short story that casts a shadow over Connie's introduction in "Bubble Buddies".
    For Him