• All 5 Steven Bomb 3 Synopses!

    Some official synposises have been grabbed from someone's DVR. Find the pics after the break! The news train can't be stopped today!

    Cry For Help: Steven's favorite TV show is interrupted by some strange magical disturbance.
    Keystone Motel: Steven, Greg, and Garnet face challenges and adventures, making interesting stops along the way as they head out on the open road on a road trip together.
    Onion Friend: Steven's friend Onion seems to spend a lot of time alone and Steven and Amethyst take the opportunity to visit his house and learn about his strange world.
    Historical Friction: When Steven and Jamie put on a play that teaches all about how Beach City was founded, the residents learn interesting things about their city.
    Friend Ship: After the Crystal Gems discover what they believe to be an ancient Gem spaceship, they decide to explore it, hoping to learn more about the craft and it's owner.

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