• Cry For Help and Keystone Motel Plots Leaked!

    Over on the Steven Universe wiki, it looks like one of the users there is friends with one of the foreign voice actresses. As such, they get to see snippets of episodes early, usually in an unfinished format. Amphitrite 17 has been answering questions about Steven Bomb 3, so click about the break to hear about the major spoilers!

    The fist thing you may be wondering about is their credibility. Some wiki users have been calling this user a troll, or asking for more proof. It seems the user is able to go into the studio, so obviously they are not allowed to take pictures, audio, or any sort of physical proof besides what they see with their eyes. However, they accurately predicted spoilers for Steven Bomb 2, and recently posted a description of Sardonyx before the SDCC image was released. There is a lot of information on the wiki source below, and some questions have been asked multiple times. I've compiled the best spoilers below, which detail a majority of the plot for the next two episodes.

    Cry For Help: Garnet and Pearl fuse to make Sardonyx, because the towers that were destroyed in Coach Steven have been rebuilt. Peridot uses the towers to take over every TV on Earth and send a message. The gems think Peridot keeps rebuilding the towers, but strangely whenever they go there she's nowhere to be found. It's later revealed that Pearl has been repairing the towers, as an excuse to keep fusing with Garnet. Steven and Amethyst find out and make Pearl confess to Garnet.

    Keystone Motel: Steven, Greg, and Garnet go on a vacation. Ruby and Sapphire fight because Sapphire wants to forgive Pearl, and Ruby wants to ignore her, so they un-fuse. Ruby is revealed to have fire powers, while Sapphire has ice powers. Ruby's weapon is a glove. Sapphire does posses only one eye, and she has future vision. In the end, they realize that they are hurting Steven by fighting, apologize, and re-fuse.

    Amphitrite 17 says they've only seen these first two episodes, but that they may have more information on Saturday.


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