• Episode Followup: Keystone Motel

    This was the first episode that I watched three times in one day. Normally I watch an episode and let it settle before watching it again. But Ruby and Sapphire were just so adorable, I couldn’t help it! We’ve been waiting 4 months since Jailbreak aired for more character development of the two of them, and the Crewniverse finally delivered.

    I think Pearl’s surprise comes from her half-expecting Garnet to be the one that called her name, as if she was waiting for her. Pearl is definitely on edge, and it takes her a second to realize it’s only Steven.

    Just look at this desperation on Pearl’s face. We saw in Chille Tid that gems can indeed get tired, and sometimes may actually need sleep. The episode opens with Pearl saying she’s been searching for Peridot for three days, likely without rest, and probably pushing herself to move faster to cover more ground. Her eyes say, “Please, please, I’m really sorry Garnet, please talk to me again.” She’s exhausted, but she’s so guilt ridden that she doesn’t want to stop. It’s really amazing how much emotion the Crewniverse can put into a few simple frames.

    It didn’t work. She tried so hard and it still wasn’t enough. Nothing she ever does will be enough. A lost, defective Pearl will ever amount to anything.

    Going to meet someone from the internet? What could possible go wrong?

    “They feel weird on your fur.” Wait, who here has fur?


    "I don't even know if I want to know what just happened."

    #tallpeopleproblems Looks like the van is cleaner than in Ocean Gem though!

    "If I'm not back in an hour, call the police." Sage advice for meeting people from the internet.

    The sweet gay babies return!

    Steven has a moment of excitement at seeing them again. :(

    The faces Ruby makes this episode are perfect.

    The face of rage.

    My favorite Ruby reaction of this episode. Right before she literally turns her tears to steam before they can leave her eyes.

    Steven is getting to see angry Ruby overreact. What a great first impression. And I say first impression, because he barely got to know them in Jailbreak.

    That deer picture though.

     Oh Steven. Amused by the warm spot.

    The face of fine.

    I do wonder how Steven knew Sapphire was the one with future vision. Maybe the other gems have talked more openly about the pair since they were first revealed. There was the subtle hint in Jailbreak when Ruby clutched her head and said, “I can’t see!”, so perhaps Steven caught that.

    The face of emotions under control.

    Greg doesn’t really seemed phased by Sapphire and Ruby being split up. He's concerned, but not overly surprised. This indicates he’s probably seen them fight before, and knows they’ll work it out. Steven is seeing them apart for the first time for an extended period, and all they’re doing is fighting.

    This goober.

    Please don't hurt our breakfast!

    Ooo, we get to see Ruby's weapon!

    "I am an eternal flame, baby!" I will never log off!



    Steven is always really quick to blame himself when things go wrong with the gems. He knows his mother used to be their leader, she was the one that gathered them together and kept them in harmony. Rose Quartz said, “take care of them, Steven.” She had no idea the amount of pressure she’d be putting on her little boy. Not to mention, the way Pearl talks about Rose, Steven probably knows that sometimes they wish she was here instead of him. He can’t help that he was born, he had no control over it. Yet somehow he blames himself for his own birth. He’s like that kid that when parents fight, they always blame themselves, because maybe they forgot to do the dishes or didn’t get straight A’s in school, or didn’t keep their room clean, and they think somehow they aren’t perfect enough and that’s why their parents are fighting. No matter how many times they tell him it’s not his fault, he’ll always inwardly blame himself. Rose would know what do to do make things right.

    I love how this episode ended up resolving itself. Steven really does have his mother's wisdom. He tried to tell Sapphire a simple thing, to go talk to Ruby. She refused, and it ended up being the solution all along.

    One eyed Sapphire confirmed!


    That cute blush! Plus, now we know about "Laughy Sapphie".


    IS IT? Is there gay lip kissing on a kids show?

    And don't forget, Ruby is just about to rek Sapphire right here outside the diner. You know, for the kids.

    Happy star eyes!

    Amethyst seems to have gone through a huge maturity growth since Reformed. Not only did she defend Pearl in Cry For Help, but she did so shortly after feeling entirely excluded by the group earlier in the episode. Now here she is, listening to her friends problems. Amethyst’s time in her gem definitely gave her the opportunity to evaluate herself and examine her actions. She seems to have grown a lot as a character since her time of self discovery inside her gem.

    Well, I guess this was a Pearl and Garnet episode, a little bit. Maybe week of Sardonyx was slightly misleading? However, seems like this forgiveness arc will be going all week.

    "That really was a great trip." And by trip, I mean emotional rollercoaster. Hope you enjoyed the followup today! Let us know if there are any areas for improvement, or if there were other things you noticed in the episode that weren't mentioned.

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