• Please Stop Posting False Reviews to the Real Keystone Motel

    Seriously, when the Crewniverse gets involved, you know things have gotten bad. Everyone, PLEASE, DO NOT post false reviews, negative or positive, for the Keystone Motel in Florida. This is a real business, and those reviews could actually hurt that business.

    How can you help? Flag reviews that are not real. Report them so Google+ knows to look into the issue, and the false reviews can be taken down. People have started making false positive reviews in order to try to help, but that's not the way to go about this.

    This is actually a huge problem. Reviews are coming in very fast, and the numbers are rising. Most are false reviews. Positive or negative, they are still lies, still hurting the business, and spamming their page. Don't combat this with positive reviews, combat it by reporting all the false reviews.

    Steven Universe is a fictional show, and Keystone Motel in Florida is a real place. This is not a joke, it is a serious issue. It doesn't just hurt this hotel, it makes the fandom look bad, and it makes this community look bad. The Crewniverse is watching us, they're looking at our creative works and they're looking at our negative actions. Here's where you can report the reviews: Keystone Motel.

    Twitter: Emerald