• Fan Theory: Pearl's Were Created For Experiments?

    So, I'm sure we've all heard numerous theories about mass produced pjkearl's. Along with that, the fact that Pearl is defective likely due to her gem not being a round (which would be classified as perfect) pearl. But, here's an interesting theory to go along with the mass produced surmising: Pearl's were mass produced to be used for fusion experiments.

    As we've seen, Homeworld seems to be opposed to fusion (based on Jasper's reaction to Garnet), in that they find it a disgusting display. However, they aren't opposed to fusion experiments, or fusing for a militaristic tactical advantage (such as Jasper fusing with Lapis).

    Now, while the Kindergarten was probably made in order to create a loyal Homeworld army, what if it also had a secondary purpose? We already know that Homeworld performed fusion experiments using Crystal Gems. So why not, while mass producing gems in a Kindergarten, crush some of them up and do some controlled fusion experiments? I mean, grabbing a mish-mash of your enemies will work in a pinch, but it'll be much more difficult to replicate.

    So what do you think? Did Homeworld mass produce gems in order to perform fusion experiments? Or were fusion experiments and other such horrors reserved for the enemy? Talk up this theory in the comments!


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