• Article: All It Takes Is a Little Rain to Get Steven Universe on Track

    Another episode means another awesome article from io9! This is a great analysis of the episode, and I really enjoyed reading it. Here's an excerpt:
    The “When It Rains” of the title doesn’t just refer to the actual rain in the early parts of the episode, but the complete flow of new information and plotting: when it rains on Steven Universe, it pours! It’s almost too much—both for Steven, who immediately begins freaking out that the Cluster is way beyond anything he’s seen before, and for the audience, an out-of-nowhere plot burst that threatens to overwhelm the 11-minute runtime of the episode. But it’s invigorating to see the show, after a long time of dwelling on its characters, suddenly pick up the main thread so deftly and so quickly again. There’s an actual drive behind what’s going on, and it gives these episodes a different, but equally satisfying vibe as the moments of measured character work usually do.

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