• Episode Followup: When It Rains

    It's time for another episode followup! There have been two Peridot episodes in a row, and with the cliffhanger from yesterday, it looks like we're in for more of the green space dorito next week! Check out this week's followup, after the break!

    Peridot holding the door shut, as if Garnet couldn't just bust through it with her gauntlets.

    All aboard the 'lean on your teammates' train!

    Where Pearl goes...

    Amethyst follows.

    Oh, so that's where Steven was for the first 47 seconds of the episode.

    Why does this face Pearl is making remind me of someone…


    So I wasn't the only one!

    What even is this face?

    I bet Garnet’s checking her future vision to make sure Peridot isn’t going to harm Steven.

    I love you, bye!” HHHNNNNGGGG Could this show be any more adorable?


    Her immediate reaction upon realizing she's going to hit the wall is to protect her gem.

    "IT'S HAPPENING!" So does the cluster not have a set date to emerge? Is it literally just at ticking time bomb?

    Poor little Peri is so scared!

    Peridot’s reaction faces are so cute and over the top!

    I can’t believe Peridot is just a scared cat.

    "I don't know anything without my screen." RELATABLE.

    “So scalding liquid pours down from the sky?” Remember last episode when Peridot got burned by the water in the shower? This line isn’t just a reference to the steam. Continuity!

    I can’t believe this immortal alien who has used advanced technology far beyond that of Earth is afraid of rain.

    Steven, stop being so cute!

    ‘Watch this alien experience rain for the VERY FIRST TIME. What happens next will shock you!’

    Peridot is crying because Steven is the first being to ever be nice to her! But there’s something else about this frame I need to point out.

    Hello darkness my old friend.

    Maybe Peridot has to contemplate the "thank you", because on Homeworld this is a sign that you owe someone a favor. This can be true on Earth too, but to a much more lax degree.

    Those little puffy cheeks!

    “Aw, I know you use my toothbrush.” “N-No. Well, yes.”

    EXACTLY like this.

    “You cracked!” “I HAVEN’T CRACKED!” Maybe this is an Earth term only, and not one used on Homeworld. Because cracking a gem is actually a bad thing, and to crack is just an expression and not literal. I bet things are really literal on Homeworld. What if Peridot doesn’t actually understand this term?

    Aww, they're the same height now!

    Peridot is dying without her tech, just like a teenager without their cell phone.

    Just enjoy this frame with me.

    And this one.

    Like a teenager being told they can go to the library and use the wifi while they’re grounded.

    And thus, Steven further proves his intelligence by making “demands” of Peridot in exchange for something she wants.

    Demands aside, who could say no to this face?

    And then Peridot forgets she doesn’t have her wall walking ability.

    He grabs her hand again!

    But I want to hear the Ballad of Rose and Greg!

    This guy!

    I wonder if the gravity on Homeworld is different, so objects are lighter there and Peridot is actually of normal strength there?

    This just in! Small white boy stronger than weird frog!

    Haha, but seriously, Peridot’s mind is being blown right now. Steven is currently smarter than her because he knows all about the Earth and she knows practically nothing. He’s apparently stronger than her, which she is completely shocked by.

    “What’s up, Dot?” Niiiiccceee

    So innovative! Like, is teamwork not a thing on Homeworld?

    MILLIONS of gem shards?! She said MILLIONS?!

    Oh hey, I think this is the first map of the SU world we've seen!

    “When it forms it’ll be much much bigger than the Earth.” AND THEN WHERE IS IT GOING?! What is this giant cluster monster going to do? Roam through space and eat other planets?!

    “It’s you, Steven!” Peridot believes in Steven!

    Listen, you’re basically the only hope Peridot and the Crystal Gems have of saving the Earth, but no pressure.

    I’m thinking that Peridot assumes the ‘creator’ (or rather, the one that has ordered production of a gem), to be the stronger individual (such as Yellow Diamond). Therefore, “Dad” is probably assumed by Peridot to be a ruling figure, and even stronger and smarter than Steven.

    Woo hoo, it's more nightmare fuel!

    I wonder how many different cluster designs we'll end up seeing.

    I wonder if the Crewniverse members working on a particular episode get to design their own gem monsters.

    Shield bubbles and healing spit are cool, but not super effective in combat. That's probably why rose carried a sword too.

    Oh hey, Garnet’s electricity powers!

    Even though Peridot's original mission was to check on the fusion experiments, even she finds them really scary.

    Wait a second...


    And with that, a cliffhanger! See you next week for another followup!

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