• Episode Followup: Message Received

    Well well, a Raven episode, is it? I hope we don't run into anything scray like a hospital full of gem monsters or a living mascot suit! What could possibly go wrong?

    Nothing suspicious here!

    Nothing hiding behind my back! No siree bob!

    If your leader is so great, how come she hasn't sent anybody to pick you up from Earth yet?

    I can’t believe Peridot fell for the same “look, over there!” trick that she tried to play on the Crystal Gems.

    Peridot always has such great reaction faces that I want to capture and show you, but am not always quite sure what to write to keep things interesting.

    So there's a child safety lock, but what stops the windows from being rolled down?

    How could anyone harm a face as sweet as "the great and lovable" Peridot's?

    When you so scared your mouth comes off your face.

    Set her free! Actually, no, keep her trapped, and free Lapis intstead.

    How can something so evil look so cute?

    It's cool that the Crewniverse throws in casual every day activities.

    Like playing with the strings on his hoodie. It's a very normal and human thing to do, and it keeps the show moving and interesting while reminding us that Steven is still just a kid.

    A nominee for best frame of the episode.

    They grabbed it together!


    NO! Don’t go the route of Disney!

    It’s not worth it!

    Imagine if a real mom had stretched arms like that. Like the kid doesn't want to come somewhere like school or church, so the mom just takes her hand and picks them up and takes them.

    Peridot, you have done it now. You have pissed off every friend you have.

    Scardey Peri!

    When the new episode of SU starts.

    Another new Pearl? But that means…


    *Emerald is sucked into another ship.*

    So how long before this becomes a meme-

    Not all Pearl’s know each other, Steven.” Yeah Steven don’t be racist!

    Wow, getting to see two Diamonds and have the Diamond authority confirmed in one single Steven Bomb? We're getting spoiled!

    Interesting. So Peridot’s full name is Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG. Hmm…

    I don't believe this...


    Excuse me, Yellow Diamond, have you heard the good word of Gemsus?

    What Yellow Diamond is thinking:

    Yellow Diamond's Pearl, sporting thigh high socks.

    Wow, and we even get a full view of her outfit! We didn't even get to see Blue Diamonds face!

    Peri, you messed up.

    Yellow Diamond doesn't even need to be on the communicator, she could hear that "YOU CLOD!" All the way in space.

    She mad.

    She does the salute even after insulting her leader, and even bothers ending the transmission properly with "Peridot out!" Interesting, as she just denounced her loyalty. Yet she's still following protocol.

    Now that she's betrayed Yellow Diamond, Peridot is ready for a nap.

    We all have those days, Peridot.

    So in the end, Peridot had a change of heart, She kept the Crystal Gems safe by not telling Yellow Diamond about them. And she also said some nasty things to her leader. Peridot is having a lot of regrets right now.

    And that is the story of how Peridot became an official Crystal Gem!

    Tune in next week tomorrow for another exciting episode! What will happen to Peridot next!

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