• Log Date 7 15 2 - Episode Discussion/Streams

    Here we go folks, the episode we've all been waiting for: The one that explains Peridot's log dates! Now we have some spacing and we can all see what some of us had called before: It's a formatted date! Here's all the log entries we've heard:
    • Warp Tour: 3 1 2
    • Keeping It Together: 6 5 2
    • Too Far: 7 11 2
    • Log Date 7 15 2: 7 15 2 (probably)
    So it's a month (or gem equivalent), day (or gem equivalent) and year (or gem equivalent)
    Y'think the 2 is a mission year, a calendar year, or is Peridot only 2 gem years old?
    Also that means Peridot lost over a month's worth of logs when Amethyst threw her stuff away! This is why we set up automatic offsite backups, dear.

    Mark your entries 1 8 16 when you live-log the episode at 5:30 ET/PT on Cartoon Network. Or use one of the online backups listed after the break.

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