• CN France Airing Three New Episodes Early

    For some strange reason, CN France will be airing three episodes before their US air date. Not only that, but CN France has the option to watch episodes in English - so you can bet there will be uploads online within an hour of them airing. Now, back in the 90's, when there wasn't DVR or high speed internet, this wouldn't be a big deal. But nowadays, with social media and the internet connecting the people of the world, these episodes will be out to the US market. There are two slated for tomorrow and another on Sunday, so that's three episodes in two days - the next three weeks of US episodes. You can wait to watch, but prepare to be spoiled since there are so many episodes being released at once. Find out more info, below the break.

    This Saturday and Sunday CN France is premiering the next three Steven Universe episodes. Saturday will have “Barn Mates” and “Hit the Diamond” and Sunday will have “Steven Floats”.
    There is already at least one person who says that they will record these episodes when they air. CN France has the option to watch the episodes in the original English. So basically, within an hour after broadcast, each of the next three episodes will hit the Internet. That’s three weeks worth of episodes in three days.
    The times the episodes start are as follows:
    • 8:20pm French time
    • 7:20pm British time
    • 2:20pm US East Coast
    • 1:20pm US Central
    • 11:20am US West Coast

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