• Episode Followup: Same Old World

    Lapis, like many other gems, never saw the point in fighting for the Earth. But once Steven got started in showing her around the world, she seemed to understand better. After almost a year, Lapis has returned, and it seems as though her attitude may have improved now that she's not a prisoner.

     This frame is just so hilarious every time!


    "And Steven was all,' my feelings'." Well, that's the show right there, followup over, everybody go home.

    She looks so peaceful, at long last. Hey wait a second, when is Jasper going to get some peace?

     Aww, Steven just sleeps outside the barn. Who came up with his adorable caterpillar sleeping bag anyway? It's so cute!

    "I feel like I only get to see you when something horrible's going on." 
    "That's just how it is with me."
    Gees Lapis, has bad luck been following you all your life? What does this mean?!

    Well, there she goes! Wasn't that a great episode?

    Remember that time I attacked you guys and then called Yellow Diamond? I SUPPOSE I should clean up the mess I made that one time.

    We never did see Lion again this episode though. Maybe he was digging for the steak?

    Lapis Steven is about to fall off the roof, don't you know that humans are fragile and soft? Oh wait, it was Peridot who learned that lesson.

    "Ready Freddy?"
    "My name's Lapis."
    Someday she will learn about human idioms.

    There they go. Ascending.

    Seems like Lapis never got to explore the Earth when she was here before. Might explain why she "never believed in this place."

    It's interesting how Empire city seems to combine bits of France and New York. Make sense though, since Steven lives in Delmarva.

    Okay who was the Disney fan that wrote this episode?

    "Is it populated by machines?" The way Lapis says this so casually, I wonder if Homeworld has places that are machine populated?

    We all knew it was coming.

    Lapis still enjoys fart jokes! At least she knows how to have fun.

    Finally, a happy Lappy.

    10 minutes into show you the world and chill and she gives you this look.

    Bye Steven.

    Lapis kids are not invincible and they can't fly you are a terrible babysitter! (Source)

    War is hell, kids.

    Turning water into a mirror-like surface is a really cool power. I wonder if it's a power all Lapis Lazuli gems possess? Seeing as she was put in the mirror, it seams reasonable that the gem who did it would know about her powers.

    "I was only meant to visit for a short time." Hmm, I wonder why that was? It seems Lapis wasn't meant to fight in the war. Perhaps with her mirror-ing abilities, she was sent as a sort of scout? Check out the Earth and then report back?


    Dang, poor Lapis. Mistaken for a traitor and then unable to free herself.

    So looks like gem ships are based upon the classic alien UFO spacecraft. Very similar to the one we saw in 'Friend Ship'.

    Okay but what the heck was this?

    Hrm, if the war took place around 5,000 years ago, and Pearl is wearing the same outfit she was in the 80's flashback from 'We Need To Talk', then it seems like Lapis was stuck at the Galaxy Warp for a long time.

    Lapis is tired.

    There was some really nice scenery in this episode.

    "For all the time I spent on Earth, I barely saw any of it." Seems that now that Steven has shown Lapis what Earth is really like, that it's not just full of dumb fragile creatures, but instead beauty and wonder, she's more keen on exploring his wonderful world.

    Just look at this awesome scenery!

    Life is great, everything is finally going well-

    Oh sweet Gemsus it's her.

    Where was Peridot while Lapis was sleeping in the barn anyway? Steven was sleeping outside, and Lapis was sleeping inside until she left. Where did Peridot go off to?

    Come on Lapis, you're a single gem with a wacky roommate now!

    Though that ending felt a little rushed, looks like next week will be dealing with Lapis and Peridot's relationship - and whatever differences they need to work out. Hope you enjoyed the followup!

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