• Fan Theory: Homeworld Gems and Kindergartens

    Some neat observations from 'Same Old World', combined with something Ian Jones-Quartey said on twitter, makes up this interesting theory!

    ok so one thing i found interesting - all the jaspers (?) we saw in this episode had nose gems, the same build, and were orange. 
    it made me think of this tweet (x)

    so kindergarten gems that look the same are probably from the same planet. since these gems are fighting the earth war, and quartz gems were mass-produced on earth before the war, i think these are how all earth-jaspers look, including ours.

    and i think the one clutching her arm might be the one we know. she’s clutching the exact place that jasper would eventually get one of her markings, possibly indicating she poofed from a wound there. she’s also drawn more as an individual than the others, with her expressive face and shorter cheek-bangs.

    Twitter: Emerald