• Episode Followup: Greg the Babysitter

    Who else predicted who Greg was going to babysit in this episode? This was a really nice and sweet look at Rose and Greg's relationship, as well as more of Rose's thoughts about humans and Earth life. Definitely important character development here. Hope you enjoyed and like the followup!

    Woah geez Steven must be watching some Sonic X!

    Dang, what a gorgeous lady! Greg Universe, you were one lucky duck!

    Yeesss, more Greg and Rose! Learning about their relationship is really cool. 

    I can't believe Greg left life on the road as a rock star to sit and wait for a beautiful woman to reappear. 

    Huh, so technically Steven has read that book... 

    Y'know, I bet this writers interpretation of aliens is absolutely hilarious to Rose! 

    Come on Greg, you could at least wait in your van!

    Hmm, I don't think bathing in the ocean with cold salt water is going to cut it, Greg. 

    Well, I guess the gems aren't interested in repairing their fence.

    Like father...

     Like son.

     I love how Rose just watched him for hours as he got sunburned. I'm sure it was fascinating to watch, but that looks like it's going to hurt!

     This seems like a weird couples activity but hey, whatever floats your boat.

     Greg may be eating out of the trash, but at least he has a beautiful woman to look forward to.

    Pearl is definitely not into being friends.

    What is up my friend with a baby but also conveniently a house and food!
    This scene is hilarious because Greg does not register how pissed off Vidalia is. 

     Woah gees, I can't believe Greg ate all Vidalia's food. She has a baby!

    That's the weirdest looking carrot on that jar that I've ever seen.

    Wow Greg is... really inconsiderate this episode.

    Good thing Greg's shirt already has a star! He fits right in with the Crystal Gems! 

    "And if anything bad happens to my kid, you better pray your space goddess' magic can bring people back from the dead, because I will destroy you."
    Here comes the mama bear!

    This kid has already been super rad!

    Coolest babysitter this side of the cosmos!

    Whaattt! Rose loves babies? I would not have expected that!

    "Did you make him?"
    Okay Rose, hon, babies are made when you form a giant womb

    I hope she knows that baby is not going to talk back. Not necessarily because he's a baby, but because he's Sour Cream.

    If Rose didn't know how Earth creatures reproduce and grow and change, then why the heckie did she save it?

    Rose sure is cute when she is admiring Earth's wonders though.

    Rose is so cute when she is admiring Earth's wonder. 

    "This world is full of so many possibilities. Each living thing has an entirely unique experience. The sights they see, the sounds they hear. The lives they live are so complicated... and so simple."

    Hey man, that gull wasn't bothering anybody!

    "Wow, you look tired."
    So insightful, Rose.

    Look at that smug baby! That baby don't give a @$%#!

    This incident is what led to Greg's hair loss.

    That hair is struggle to get loose of his head.


    Rose, humans cannot fly, but they can die.

    Sour Cream is just having the chillest day.

    Greg, you're like 30 years old and live in a van and don't have a job. You are... yeah, kind of a baby.

    "Hey, we all got to grow up sometime, right?"
    How is not wearing a shirt growing up?

    I guess the car wash was desperate enough to not have any employees or owner or locks on their building.

    Yep, little Sour Cream is probably out there living the dream. The dream of being a DJ!

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