• Story: Both of Us

    [Friendshipping] [Sad]

    Author: Xenjn
    Description: Set directly after "Mr. Greg" "I should go." He says, and it's what the humans would call an olive branch, a means of escape for her should she want to be alone with her thoughts. It's a kindness that, after everything, she isn't quite sure she deserves. "Stay." Belatedly she realizes that sounds far too much like a demand and less the request she was trying for. Pearl flushes, ducking her head and she’s never been good at this, at asking for company. “I-I mean, if you’d like…I could make some tea?” She grimaces at how inarticulate she sounds, glancing back up again only to find Greg watching her with wide eyes, touched of all things. "Uh...Yeah, yeah tea...sounds good."
    Both of Us