• Fan Theory: Steven Was Never a Moon Boy

    Sometimes it seems like the show can be inconsistent. But a lot of the time when that happens, there's some foreshadowing for something that comes in a later episode. Here's a little theory to get your morning started!

    Sorry Air Steve, but it’s true. If you forgot what I’m talking about, in the episode “It Could’ve Been Great”, Steven continues to jump around really high calling himself a Moon Boy.

    Steven Floats confirmed otherwise. Peridot mentions in the same episode that gem’s aren’t affected by gravity, and Steven Floats confirmed that Steven falls under this. He was probably just really happy on the moon that he was able to jump that high. 
    So, more proof? Don’t forget, in “Jailbreak”, they were in space inside the Hand Ship, and Steven didn’t float at all. 

    Twitter: Emerald