• Steven Floats / Drop Beat Dad - Episode Discussion/Streams

    And we're back! Fasten your seat belts and get lots of snacks, we're in for what may be four solid weeks of Steven! Are you excited? I'm excited! We start the Summer Adventure off with two back-to-back episodes: Steven Floats, which will be new if you don't live in France, and Drop Beat Dad, which will be new if you don't work at Cartoon Network. The former sounds like a nice relaxing episode; a great way to start off what'll probably be an action-packed summer! The latter sounds like an interesting character piece. We know Greg is musical, but I'm not sure if he's the beat-dropping type. So who is the Drop Beat Dad? I think we all know who my money's on!

    Grab an inner tube and get ready to go with the flow at 7:00 ET/PT on Cartoon Network! If you're less buoyant than Steven, that's ok. Pick your favorite streaming service and ride the flow after the break.

    Also I know Steven Floats has been available since the end of May, but please still keep the comments spoiler-free until after it airs.