• Happy [Belated] Birthday Lauren Zuke and Happy Birthday Jeff Ball!

    Whoopsy, looks like we missed the birthday of a very important storyboard artist and writer yesterday! Well, it's time for a combo birthday post because it's also Jeff Ball's birthday, today!

    Lauren Zuke has worked on some of the most awesome episodes of Steven Universe. Ah who am I kidding, they're ALL awesome! Also, she just put out a really cool collaborative Zine at San Diego Comic Con! And did you know she used to draw a webcomic (sometime she still updates it once in a blue moon!)? You should definitely read that! So now go on and give Lauren some belated Birthday love on twitter! Last year she asked for drawings of lapis smiling, so maybe this year make it smiling Peridot's? She seems to like those two. You can check out which episodes she's worked on and some neato trivia over here!

    And today is actually Jeff Ball's birthday! He's the big 5-0! He helps create some of the awesome music in SU! You know that beautiful music in SU? Not just Aivi & Surasshu! He has a bunch of non-SU music up on BandCamp! Music definitely helps SU come to life, so Jeff is super awesome! Wish him a happy birthday on twitter (and check out that cool Zelda medley he has on there!)! If you're curious about what songs he has helped with, you can find out here!

    Happy Birthday to two fantastic Crewniverse members!

    Twitter: Emerald