• New SU Mystery Plushes and Cookie Cat Mug!

    Remember that official Peridot plush we recently posted about? Well, looks like you can get the whole SU gang! Seems they'll be coming in mystery packs, so you'll get a random plush clip on. They're releasing in about a month, so if you want one of these SU plushies, maybe put it on your Christmas list?

    And hey, we also found this cool mug on the same site!

    Now you can drink out of the pet for your tummy! Or uh, something. Why is Gamestop of all places getting this cool SU merch? SU isn't a video game! Well, there is Attack the Light, but that's an app! Hmm, I wonder if all this merch at Gamestop is foreshadowing? Hmm...

    Anyway, if you want to get your hands on either of these cool items, click the images above to go to the product pages for each! You can get the Cookie Cat mug now, and pre-order the plush key chain things!

    Twitter: Emerald