• Desert Bus For Hope 10 Steven Universe Auctions

    Everyone Performs 'My Heart Will Go On'

    Desert Bus For Hope 10 is going on currently! DBFH is a week-long charity event where the comedy troupe LoadingReadyRun and friends play what is possibly the world's most boring video game, Desert Bus, nonstop until donations finally stop. The donations support Child's Play, a charity dedicated to supporting children in hospitals.

    It's a great cause, and if you need any more incentive to donate, they've got some Steven Universe crafts up for auction! Check them out after the break.

    Currently up for silent auction:

    Steven Universe gem-inspired jewelry
    Ends at 10 AM PST

    Steven Universe Paper Cut Shadow Box
    Ends at 2 PM PST

    Coming up for silent auction:

    Steven Universe Black Velvet Painting
    Starts at 6 PM PST on Nov 16th

    Upcoming giveaways:

    Steven Universe lot
    Runs between 10 PM PST Nov 16th and 2 AM PST Nov 17th

    Happy bidding, and enjoy Desert Bus!