• Fan Theory: Steven and Corruption

    Have you ever wondered if Steven could become corrupted?  Of course you have, it's a very intriguing thing that many of us would love to know.  Now, thinking back to Jasper's corruption, what would happen to Steven in that sort of situation?  Erdrik has a rather interesting theory below.

    When Jasper fused with the Corrupt Quartz, Jasper became Corrupted.
    This confirmed that Corruption is contagious between Gems that fuse.

    In the SAME EPISODE, we learn Steven can fuse with Gems. Smoky Quartz.
    So then... can Steven fuse with CORRUPT Gems? What would happen to him and the other Gem if he did?

    One possibility is that his Gem half would become Corrupted, reshape the half of his form that is Gem, and kill him.
    However, I don't think that is likely. Steven has already been shown to be resistant to weapons that mess with Gem Forms.
    The Destabilizer Weapon from "The Return" and "Jail Break" did have some measure of effect(as noted by the yellow branches under his skin and his discomfort), but ultimately failed to completely destabilize him.
    I suspect Steven's physical form helps protect the Gem half of his form from such attacks, just as the Gem half helps maintain his physical half. If so then perhaps...

    The other possibility is that Steven is immune to Corruption.
    In which case what happens to the Corrupted Gem he fused with? While Fused, will his Physical half shield the Corrupted Gem from their Corruption?
    Would that be enough to remove the Corruption, such that upon defusing the Gem partner is no longer Corrupted?


    This is certainly one of the more interesting theories I've read so far and it's really gotten me thinking.  What do you guys think of this theory?  Be sure to let me know in the comments.