• Hey, It's That Voice! #14: Zach Steel

    Hello again and welcome to another post of "Hey, It's That Voice!" This time around, we will do Beach City's resident conspiracy theorist, Ronaldo Fryman!

    We already covered his younger brother, and now it's time for the older Fryman son, Ronaldo. An accomplished blogger with his own tumblr that promises to "Keep Beach City Weird", Ronaldo isn't afraid to share a lot about himself with us. In fact, we learn quite a bit about him from his blog. But nothing wrong with that, we see that he is just trying to unravel the mysteries that surround us. But who voices this partly-paranoid and partly-justified truth-seeker? Why, that would be Zach Steel!

    You hanging in there Ronaldo? Alright, cool.

    Believe it or not, Zach Steel has not had a whole lot of notable roles. He started his acting career with Book Club, in which he also wrote and produced. Other acting roles he had include Kath & Kim, Single Dads, Grum: Can't Shake This Feeling, The Geniuses (which he also helped produce), FCU: Fact Checkers Unit, Parenthood, Key & Peele, Shameless, Homies, Band Of Robbers, and Zombroz.

    However, most people would recognize Zach Steel from his role as Gibson from Disney's A.N.T. Farm.

    Left to right: Chyna Ann Parks (China Anne McClain), Gibson (Steel), and Svetlana (Bonnie Morgan) on A.N.T. Farm.

     And believe it or not, that's about all he has done! Thanks for joining for this short edition of "Hey, It's That Voice!" Join me next time where we look at a very friendly face!