• Hey, It's That Voice! #16: Colton Dunn

    Welcome back to another edition of "Hey, It's That Voice!" Last week, we looked at the first voice of Mr. Harold Smiley, Sinbad. Today, we will look at the second and current voice of the Beach City Funland worker.

    Mr. Smiley is overworked. The poor soul works himself tireless all over Funland. I mean, he did say he hasn't seen a bed in six days. Maybe it's much easier than being an actor/comedian/R&B singer? But this workaholic has a new voice since the second season. Who could it be? Why, that would be Colton Dunn!

    How can keep his sanity if he works EVERYTHING at Funland?

    Colton Dunn was born June 30, 1977 in Normal, Illinios, moving to St. Paul, Minnesota as a toddler. While attending high school, Dunn started partaking in theater and even joined an improve comedy group. In 1998, Dunn moved to New York City where he worked for Late Night with Conan O'Brien. While living in New York City, he started in the series Boiling Points, the film Phileine Says Sorry, and both performed and taught at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. In 2004, he moved to Los Angeles, California. In 2005, Dunn became a writer for the sketch comedy series MADtv for the show's final four seasons, writing for 55 episodes. His other writing credits include the Nick Swardson's Pretend Time, Team UnicornGame Shop, The Arsenio Hall Show, Rooster Teeth's RT-ESThe Eric Andre Show, and various shorts. Most notably, Dunn has  received two Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series for his writing on Key & Peele.

    He really looks and acts like Mr. Smiley in this photo.

    But what about his acting roles? Well, Colton Dunn has done quite a number of notable roles. Besides his appearances in the sketch comedy shows he has been a writer on (MADtv, Nick Swardson's Pretend Time, and Key & Peele), Dunn has appeared in quite a few shows and films. These include Brothers, Brainstorm, Hatchet II, The League, Parks And Recreation, Childrens Hospital, NTSF:SD:SUV::, Game ShopBurning Love, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Happy Endings, Kroll Show, Superstore, Lazer Team, and Other People.

    Left to right: Garrett (Dunn), Amy (America Ferrera), and Jonah (Ben Feldman) on NBC's Superstore

    Dunn has also appeared as himself in a few other projects, such as The Real Cool Club, The Screen Junkies Show, Rooster Teeth's RT-ES, Home & Family, and @midnight. And, a personal favorite, he guest starred as himself on an episode of Drunk History, where Dunn gave an inebriated telling of the history surrounding The Sugarhill Gang's hip-hop single "Rapper's Delight".

    Looks like Colton had more than just what his glass is showing us.

    And that will do it for this edition of "Hey, It's That Voice!" Join us next time for when we look at an aquatic gem!