• Episode Followup: Three Gems and a Baby

    Three Gems and a baby, I wonder what that foretells.  Maybe Greg is having another kid!  Let's find out.

    Woo, snow!  Who doesn't love that white, fluffy stuff?

    We just started and we're already getting a song.  Good job, Steven!

    Starting off this flashback strong, Greg.  Nice.

    Now Steven, is that any way to treat the man who's making your food?

    Ah, the struggles of being a broke parent.  What a life.

    It looks like clothes couldn't contain baby Steven.

    Wait a second...

    Where have I seen this before?

    It looks like clothes can't contain Steven at all.

    While they may all come bearing gifts, they are not all jolly.

    "Steven" seems to be a really difficult concept to grasp.

    Alright, let's see what we've got here.  A razor from Garnet,

    adult diapers from Amethyst,

    and a dictionary from Pearl.  Great job, guys.  True baby toys right there.

    Don't worry, Greg comes to the rescue with his keys!

    Oh my gosh, he's going Super Sai-!  Whoops, wrong fandom.  He's just glowing.

    Geez, Pearl.  Ever heard of personal space?

    Well, it doesn't seem like Steven seems to mind it.

    Amethyst could not be more chill about kidnapping a baby.

    Amethyst is so adorable when she tries to figure things she doesn't understand out.

    Oh look, there's another baby in the house, er, van.

    Whoa, Steven's eyes sure did change.

    Hey, more moms!  I'm sure Steven will-.


    Welp, they sure didn't see that one comin'.

    Looks like Greg found some kids, but neither of them are his.

    I already don't like this.  I don't think Pearl should be allowed to hold the infant.

    This is starting to sound reeeaaallly bad.  Someone take the child, please.

    Nope, this is not happening.  It's just a dream.


    Phew, no one got hurt.  Physically, at least.

    Hey, look, daddy's back.

    Daddy does not look happy.

    And our flashback ends with everyone all happy again.  How wonderful.

    But wait, did anyone ever return that dog and sled?

    Haha, yeah.  We kidnapped you and almost ripped out your gem.  Funny, right?

    Everyone's happy now, and that's what matters.  They understand each other and have grown to love one another like a real family.  What more could anyone ask for?