• Little Ursa at Emerald City Comicon 2017

    Hello! Little Ursa finally here with my convention recap from Emerald City Comicon! And what a convention it was! Tons of creators, bunch of cosplayers, and gloomy weather made up this con. Without a doubt, this was one of the most fun conventions I have ever gotten to attend due in large part to the folks I met (including some of my favorite comic creators). So, without further ado, let's start the recap!

    Well, first thing's first, I will say that the weather was what one would expect from Seattle. But it did throw me off in the fact that this weather was going to stick around for the convention.

    How does it not rain at all time in Seattle?

    After landing and hanging out with my friends for a bit, I went to the Washing State Convention Center to wait for the the convention to start. Of course, being who I am, I got there plenty early for both covering the convention and for getting stuff signed.

    The calm before the storm.

    Even before the convention started, I could tell that the Steven Universe presence was there.

    Peridot has invaded Emerald City Comicon!

    Given how there was a lot to do, even for the very first day, folks were already geared up and ready take advantage of the five hours that we were given on Thursday.

    Everyone is ready to get inside the Dealer's Hall.

    And for the first day, there were plenty of Steven-y cosplays to be found:

    On Friday, I did cosplay as Steven, which was a big hit with a lot of folks.


    In fact, Steven Universe comic artist Katy Farina just had to get a selfie with Lion!

    And, of course, I found plenty of Steven-y cosplays:

    There was even an impromptu gathering of us Steven Universe cosplayers in the Dealer's Hall:

    And of course, there was the Friday gathering of us Steven Universe cosplayers at the convention, and there certainly plenty of us there. Do check out the post about that gathering here.

    There was even a little baby Steven at the gathering!

    Also, on Friday, I ran into my a Star Butterfly cosplayer, which I had to take over to my friend's booth who works on Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil. Needless to say, both of the cosplayer and my friend were excited to run into each other.

    On Saturday, I cosplayed as Panda from We Bare Bears, one of my favorite cosplays. I have to say I was impressed to see how many people figured out my cosplay.

    And of course, I took plenty of photos of the Steven-y cosplays I saw. Seemed a lot of folks brought their cosplays out for Saturday.

    Finally, Sunday. The last day of the convention. Emerald City Comicon was draining for me, which I think is because I had to fly up to a convention and crashed on my friend's couch. But, nevertheless, I went to the final day as one of my favorite cosplays, baseball!Amethyst. And to say that there were a lot of Steven cosplays would be an understatement. The Sunday cosplay gathering was massive and grew! Of course, do check out the Sunday cosplay gathering post.

    This was only the beginning of all the cosplays we had, before we had to move inside.

    And because it's me, I had to get pictures with other Amethyst cosplays:

    Finally, allow me to show you the haul from the convention. Including....

    Aren't they just precious little cosplayers?

     Katy Farina drew one of my favorite sketch covers yet. Slowly, I am getting artists for the Steven Universe comics drawing Steven and Connie cosplaying (always open for ideas of what they can cosplay next). And finally, the main haul from the convention:

    I just had to buy that Peridot shirt.

    And that will be my recap of Emerald City Comicon! I do hope to head back up there again next year! Also, if you wish to see more cosplays, Steven-y and not, click right here to check it out right here! Until next time!