• Pint Size Heroes SU Blind Bag Weight Chart

    Have you been looking for a certain character, but can't seem to locate them in a blind bag? Maybe this weight chart that kitsuneheart sent us could help you out!

    Realizing I NEEDED Jasper, and that I might as well get the whole crew, I decided to just buy a box of the Steven Universe Pint-Size Heroes by Funko. Unlike many blind-boxes, this collection has no outward indicators of contents on individual packets. The only differences between the packets was in weight (though there’s some obvious differences in shape which will also help collectors). 
    There’s a few outliers on the weight scale which will be easy to identify, but you’re getting a lot in options in the middle. Please also keep in mind that this is just one data set. Figures do not appear to vary significantly in weight for the same character, but I can’t guarantee that I didn’t get some uncommon results. If anyone else can add in their findings, that would help a lot!
    Here’s what I found:
    Figurines sorted by weight:
    • Display case: Steven (smiling), Rose Quartz (clear)
    • 15g: Onion
    • 16g: Greg (2x)
    • 17g: Peridot
    • 18g: Peridot
    • 19g: Steven (smiling ,identical to case), Steven (watermelon)
    • 20g: Pearl
    • 20g: Steven (donut-shirt), Steven (smiling), Steven (star-eyes) (2x)
    • 21g: Connie (2x), Lapis
    • 24g: Amethyst, Jasper, Stevonnie
    • 25g: Stevonnie
    • 26g: Garnet
    • 29g: Rose Quartz (2x)
    • 31g: Lion (2x)
    Figurines sorted by name:
    • Amethyst: 24g
    • Connie: 21g (2 data points)
    • Garnet: 26g
    • Greg: 16g (2 data points)
    • Jasper: 24g
    • Lapis: 21g
    • Lion: 31g
    • Onion: 15g
    • Pearl: 20g
    • Peridot: 17g, 18g
    • Rose Quartz: 29g (2 data points)
    • Rose Quartz (clear): Display case
    • Steven (donut-shirt): 20g
    • Steven (smiling): 19g, 20g, +display case
    • Steven (star-eyes): 20g (2 data points)
    • Steven (watermelon): 19g
    • Stevonnie: 24g, 25g


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