• 'The Shake Ups In Beach City' album, coming May 5th!

    We know you love SU music! So how about a whole fan album dedicated to the show? Yep, it's coming your way very soon! Get a preview of a couple songs below the break, including an original tune featuring everyone's favorite Wacky Sack! The Shake Ups also travel around and do concerts, so check out their site to see if the band is coming to your area!

    The Shake Ups are the Midwest's premiere family-friendly fandom band! For the past five years, they've devoted their power-pop stylings to original music inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Three full-length albums later, the award-winning band is hard at work on two new collections of music for 2017. The Shake Ups are branching out to incorporate material inspired by another acclaimed animated series that is dear to their hearts: Steven Universe! 'The Shake Ups In Beach City' will continue the adventure with a brand new collection of musical gems, set to debut in the spring of 2017! ♥

    Twitter: Emerald