• Fan Theory New SU Promo Tied To Marble Madness

    ronaldofryman on twitter seems to be the real deal (no, it's not an official account). Still, in true Ronaldo fashion, this guy seems to be on to something major! Toss out the other theories, because this one tops them all! Catch it below the break. Seriously, if you've been ignoring all the videos today, you have to see this! You can't throw us off the trail this time Crewniverse! After 4 seasons we know your tricks!

    What if Peridot reported the names of the humans Steven listed in marble madness and they're the ones being targeted:

    Sadie and Onion have already been confirmed to go missing and since Lars has an episode, he's a very likely candidate as well.

    The voice asking "are you My Dad?" is the small gem because she thinks that there is a human she's supposed to get named My Dad.

    She's probably asking Steven, maybe she's who they're fighting in the forest from Onion gang and she recognizes Connie's name.

    Jamie isn't even listed by name, its foreshadowing his prior unexplainable disappearances, they took him after Future Boy Zoltron.

    Twitter: Emerald