• Are You My Dad? / I Am My Mom - Episode Discussion/Streams

    In another time, in another world
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    Did you think Lion 4 was just filler? Maybe it was just necessary background info for the first episode in our pairing, "Are You My Dad?"! In this episode, we peek into an alternate universe where pretty much everything is the same, but Steven is a girl! Oh and for some reason, Greg instead of Rose had to give up his physical form for Nora to exist. You'd think that'd make Pearl happy, but in the Noraverse, the Crystal Gems all really liked Greg. Join Nora on her quest to learn more about her dear departed dad!

    And then right after that, follow Steven on a parallel journey as he finally learns who his missing mom has been all along! The title kinda gives that one away. Still, here's hoping we get some fandom-shattering revelations!

    The trip through the wormhole starts at 7 PM ET/PT on Cartoon Network. If inter-dimensional travel makes you queasy, don't worry! We've got streams and downloads after the break.

    As always, discussing episode details before the episodes have aired will make other people wish they were in an alternate universe where you don't exist. Some people haven't seen them yet. Don't spoil it for them!

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