• Episode Followup: The Good Lars

    Something's cooking in the kitchen!! Could it be...an episode follow up???

    Cute pumpkin shaped pumpkin cake with a cute pumpkin like Steven!!

    "B-Baka it's not like I baked it or anything..."

    Way to flash that customer service smile, Lars.

    "I want to order you."
    Sorry Buck, dork is not on the menu.

    "...Are you having a stroke?"

    "No really. Are you ok."

    Now to come up with a tasty potluck treat! Something that isn't donuts.

    Lars takes a good look in the mirror for inspiration.

    Ube Cake! What a great idea!

    A rare Lars smile caught on camera!

    Time to review the finished product!


    Whats wrong Lars? Everything is going great...

    "There's a reason I don't like telling people I like baking...because it's lame." 

    Steven offers Lars some advice we all could use every now and then. "If they like you, they like you. If they don't, it's their loss!"

    That's the spirit Lars!

    Party time!! Nice snack sushi Steven!

    Lars is trendy now. "Bingo-Bongo"

    "I present the lovely Sadie Miller. She's married to Lars."
    "Steven please stop."

    She fits right in!

    Lars is a no show so Steven goes to fetch him!

    He's even a no show at home?? Huh...


    Well at least Sadie's having a good time! She opts to stay, even if Lars won't!

    "I guess I should worry about fixing my own life instead of his...and trapping him on deadly islands."

    And now we bid adieu...

    ...Uh oh.