• Episode Followup: Lion 4: Alternate Ending

    Wait, I'm getting some déjà vu here...

    Lion is always such a cutie with his cat-like antics!

    A secret message hidden in that video from many many episodes ago? Sign me up!

    Oh it's uh... just Steven theorizing.

    I think your magical gem destiny is to be a secret weapon that Homeworld has no way to combat. But, maybe that's just a coincidence and not what Rose Quartz the war hero had in mind.

    Gross, Lion!


    What- How- When- I know Lion is magical but HOW could he possibly eat that?!

    Maybe he got it from the same place he ate that lizard.

    It never really is expressly stated that Lion actually knows the proper time to give Steven things or show him things. It could really all be random.

    Let's see... What kind of locks without keys have we seen before?

    Yesssss! The secret will finally be revealed!



    Same, Steven.

    BUT WHERE IS THE KEY TO THE CHEST? Also, why doesn't Steven just smash it? He has, like, super strength now.

    Hey, back here again!

    Thanks for the reminder, Crewniverse that the mystery of who The Armor of the Fallen belonged to still hasn't been revealed.

    Wait, was that star shape in the wall always there?

    Oh, I guess that's an idea.

    I think Steven is having a minor flashback to what happend the last time he was here.


    Aw, what the heckie. Is the crew going to leave us with another mystery?

    Lion, you gave him that key, but you didn't give him any answers.

    I guess it was worth a shot?
    Maybe it's just decorative? Or like, some kind of key to the city? But a Homeworld version?

    Dude, you gave him this key and then left him hanging.

    Come on Lion! You gotta!


    This is a really beautiful scene though. Wonder if they took some inspiration from The Lion King.

    Woah. Lion is really serious. Where are they going?

    Super serious.

    Okay but seriously, is Lion ever going to get an origin story?

    I can't believe they ended the series by killing off Steven.


    Is this like an old temple? That door is similar to the one in Steven's house.

    Is it time for answers???

    What's behind door #1, Steven?

    Well, I can see by the lack of wall that that key was absolutely necessary.

    This just in: Quartz gems are hoarders.

    WHO DAT?!

    How does Lion know so much?! When are we going to get some answers about him?

     Another child of Rose Quartz???

    Oh, phew, just Greg.

    Yeah. He's Nora. It's a stage name, Steven.

    Isn't this jamming hill the same hill that saved Lars and the Cool Kids?

     "Are you okay?"

    Man, you got kidnapped and put into a zoo and your son had to come save you and also there was that time before when he almost died in space from being stabbed and then from lack of oxygen. Also he found out his mom was actually kind of a murderer so like, I don't know if your son is ever going to be okay.

     GREG knows about the tape? Why is everybody keeping secrets from Steven?!

    Wait but... we've seen this before?



    Greg, did the ultrasound say you were having a girl and then you had a boy?

     "I'm my mom AND my sister?"

    That's uh... that's some kind of special destiny, isn't it, Steven?

    Oh, gotcha. No way to tell the gender of the baby. That's actually pretty normal.

    "Son, my magical destiny was finding your mom, but I think you're a bit too young for that sort of thing."

    Maybe you're for just being a kid?

    He's freaking out, Greg. This happens like every day, but the gems usually deal with it. Er, wait, Steven usually just has an epiphany about his life and his mom and has to go it alone because of that whole, "I don't want that for you." thing.

    Heeeyyyy, his destiny is just being a kid!

    "And you can always change your name."

    Honestly, Greg Universe is the most chill and supportive dad ever.

    Oh wait a second, THIS is different from Steven's tape.

    "If they look to you, trust yourself. Take care of them, Nora."

    That's actually probably some solid advice that would have done Steven good, too. Also:

    You said it, Jenny.

    "I'm just supposed to be her kid."

    Woah. He finally gets it.

    Dang. That's beautiful.

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