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    Priyanka and Doug Maheswaran are interesting characters. I don't think either of their first names have ever been given on the show, but most of the fandom knows them by now. Lesser-known in the fandom is the ship "Pearlyanka," where some people have decided that Pearl and Dr. Maheswaran would get along really well. Pearlyanka shippers, prepare yourselves, because in today's episode, the Maheswaran household is coming apart! Divorce is a hard thing to go through for both parties, and Connie will be absolutely devastated. Expect lots of tears and emotional moments in this episode, folks!

    Except a lot of that had better be happening offscreen, because we've only got 15 minutes for Pearl and Priyanka to hook up. Clock's ticking, Crewniverse!

    Doug gets put on a bus at 7 PM ET/PT on Cartoon Network. If you are too busy writing new Pearlyanka fanfiction to watch, we've got streams and downloads after the break.

    Also, while crying is really funny, please don't make your fellow fans cry by discussing episode details in the comments until after it airs. Some people haven't seen it yet. Don't spoil it for them!

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    *Beach City Bugle does not condone celebrating the destruction of 13+ years of marriage just to support your favorite ship, however awesome your ship may be.