• Episode Followup: Wanted- PART 3- Off Colors

    On to part three of our Wanted followup!! Warning for some...off color elements below the cut!

    From the wreckage of the palanquin emerge Steven and Lars, both a little scuffed up.
    Time to move!
    Maybe if we stand perfectly still they won't detect us....
    Lars is tired of being afraid and hiding. It's not a pleasant feeling.
    When the scanners slowly approach, a mysterious hand beckons them to the underground...
    Relief hug!
    The relief is cut by the introduction of a strange new gem.
    Steven opts to trust the gem, Rutilite, and follow them. Lars isn't so sure yet.
    Lo and behold, a giant underground Kindergarten...
    And Fluorite!!
    These gems, the Off Colors, reveal that they are misfits who are forced to live in the underground.
    They reveal the punishment given to any gem off color or defective on the surface of homeworld is shattering. Yikes.
    Lars seems pretty affected by the fact these gems have been afraid and hiding themselves for thousands of years...
    Maybe we should have closed that entrance.
    Time to hide again!!!
    Rutilite is about to get caught by a robonoid....
    Sick of hiding, Lars takes action against the robonoids.
    No gem? No detection and killer lasers!
    This is the closest Lars has gotten to having a woman in his arms in a long time.
    ...how did he climb up there so fast? Is he Spider-Man?
    Insert a Quidditch joke here.
    Overhead DEATH STRIKE!!!!
    Yay!! The robonoid is destroyed and everyone is-
    Oh no...
    Ohhhhhhhhhhh no.
    Steven rushes to Lars' side.
    This doesn't look good.
    Steven listens for a heartbeat and gets nothing....Lars is dead.
    Same Steven. Same.
    A tear of grief falls onto Lars' face.
    And above we see a screenshot from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. 
    Glowy magic powers!! What's going to happen?!
    Lars is alive! And pink?!
    This picture just about sums up my collective expressions at the end of this episode....the adventure concludes tomorrow!
    To be continued...