• Episode Followup: Wanted- PART 4- Lars' Head

    Concluding our four part followup of the Wanted special, let us delve deep into LARS' HEAD!!!!!

    Lars the hero rises again!!
    He's...a little freaked out.
    The gems quickly block the entrance to protect themselves from any oncoming robonoids.
    "I'M A ZOMBIE?!"
    Well, technically no. He has a heartbeat. Albeit super slow.
    Like a fella once said: Ain't that a kick in the head?
    There's Rose's tree...and a new one??
    LION?! HOME?!
    Me off the diet.
    Lars is unsure what to make of himself now.
    Steven arrives with a snack for Lars!
    But Lars isn't hungry. Weird.
    The two tell the Off Colors about Earth, and they all agree to go home through Lars' hair! One problem though...
    Lars can't go through his own hair.
    Lars tells the others to go to Earth, and offers to stay on Homeworld alone. 
    They refuse, and offer instead to travel through the caves and abandoned structures with Lars to find an alternate escape route. Off Colors stick together you know.
    Lars tells Steven to head back to earth, since he's the most unsafe on Homeworld.
    Promising to come back soon, Steven gives Lars a high-five-
    -which Lars rejects for a hug in its place. See you soon, Lars! I hope.
    Steven returns home in the midst of a Pearl Panic Moment
    A happy reunion for Steven and his family prior to a deleted scene where he goes and tells the Barrigas that their son died and is now a pink questionably undead portal to a whole other galaxy. 
    And thus concludes the Wanted special! Thanks for tuning in my dudes!