• Little Ursa at Steven Universe Soundtrack Listing Party at The Grove in Los Angeles

    On May 31st, Cartoon Network held a very special event: the Steven Universe Soundtrack Listening Party. And in attendance was the amazingly talented Rebecca Sugar who introduced and talked about a few of the songs that are on the album. After the page break, join me, Little Ursa, and my evening with a few of my friends, Rebecca Sugar, and a whole movie theater of Steven Universe fans who were excited to see a soundtrack to the amazing show.

    Last week, Cartoon Network announced the soundtrack listening party, saying it would be held at The Grove in Los Angeles. Unsurprisingly, this event had drawn a lot of fans from all over (apparently some from Portland, Oregon). Since I know how crowded these events can be, my friends and I arrived around 2:30 PM after eating lunch nearby. Needless to say, we were still about 30th or so in line.

    Our spot is at the second switchback, where the cheeseburger backpack is against the pole.

    Within a couple hours, the crowd grew and the theaters kept trying to accommodate us. However, more and more fans continued to arrive.

    I seriously do not think they expected this many people. And this was still about two hours before the event.

    The panorama shot below should give you an idea of how many people had shown up for the listening party alone:

    Click for a better view.

    Upon arriving in the theater (including getting free popcorn and a free soda courtesy of Cartoon Network), we were welcomed to the following:

    That was literally all that was in the front.

    All of us in attendance entered the theater and took our seat. With a packed house, we were all anxious and curious to see how the event would play out.

    Come on, could you blame me for getting in the very front?

    Grace Kraft's little Amethyst was enjoying the free refreshments.
    My buddies KC and Grace Kraft (and her Amethyst) with me ready and waiting for the event to start.

    Then, the lights went down and we welcomed with a familiar song and video:

    Afterwards, we were graced with Rebecca Sugar's presence.

    She's a precious little cinnamon roll.

    With the moderator, Rebecca talked about the soundtrack coming to fruition and answering a number of questions that were prepared and even asked from social media. Then, we started to listen to some of the remastered songs, starting with:

    Afterwards, the soundtrack listening continued on to a fan favorite:

    (It might be worth noting that Peridot's "verse" has been omitted in the remastered version.)

    Next, Rebecca continued to share her behind the scenes talk with a song between two of her favorite VAs (Tom Scharpling and Susan Egan):

    So I like little drummer Amethysty, sue me.

    The next song was a song that Rebecca said was fun to write and while talking about it, she did let it slip that the little green Dorito will be getting her own song soon:

    Next was a song I'm sure we are all excited to see on the album in a remastered form. Even more so because we can listen to it on repeat:

    I must admit that watching this video on the big screen really added to it.

    And finally, we listened to a song that I personally love. Rebecca has previously stated this song is a bit personal for her and I can say that it is for me as well.

    After listening to the wonderful tracks, we were fortunate enough to allow for an open Q&A with Rebecca Sugar. And to say the least, there were plenty of Qs.

    Side one.

    Side two.

    Of course, Ms. Sugar was absolutely amazing to answer as many questions as she was able to. It was just great to see her and her reaction to the amazing turn out for this event.

    Afterwards, a lot of us fans just hung out in the lobby of the movie theater. We just chatted, talked about any and everything we could think of since we just loved being with like minded individuals who loved cartoons. Heck, we even stayed longer than the Cartoon Network staff (of course, we said thank you to folks who worked their hardest to get the livestream working).

    Just a few of us who stayed after the event to hang out and chat.

    Cartoon Network was very generous with giving stuff out for the fans. I managed to grab the napkins that they gave out (yes, that is a napkin) and cup for the upcoming Save The Light video game!

    I wish everyone can get this and see how cute little Steven is on it.

    And that will do it for this event recap! I will be sure to share my experience at the next event I go to!